Benefits of on-line purchasing of surgical face shield

Published: 07th September 2011
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While there is no sufficient evidence to prove that the surgical masks used by the physicians in the operating room reduces surgical site infections, however these masks do protect the wearer from the potentially infectious splashes. Face shields offer greater degree of protection to the wearer as they cover the eyes. Disposable face shields are generally made of super light and ultra transparent disposable material which can be clipped to the prescription glasses, plastic support frames or even magnifying loupes of the medical professionals.

Given below are some of the benefits associated with buying disposable face shields from on-line retailers and suppliers.

1. Available at competitive rates
One of the important aspect of procuring medical face shields from on-line suppliers is the low cost factor. Unlike the traditional stores, they bring the product directly from the factory in order to sell it through the Internet thus eliminating the overhead costs such as retail space rent, distributer and wholesaler mark-ups, warehousing and behind the counter employees. Above all, on-line selling eliminates the costs of involving the middlemen such as the retailers, distributors and wholesalers. These savings are thus passed on to the general customers in the form of reduced prices.

2. Convenience
Internet has made it extremely easy for customers to avail various products and services, sitting in the comfort of one's own home. Customers can browse through the website of the suppliers and place an order for the required medical face shield. Detailed information regarding the type and the size of the surgical face shield would be available on the website so as to provide all the possible information to the customers about the product.

3. Free trial Period and warranty
While trying to procure surgical face shields from on-line suppliers, the customers may come across those suppliers who provide high quality product and thus willingly provide free trial period and good warranty policies for their products. The customer can buy medical face shields from such retailers so that they can use the product only if they are satisfied with it. Buying products from such stores enables you to easily replace it in case you are not satisfied with it, thus providing value for your money.

4. Instant access to on line customer service
The on line suppliers maintain instant access to their customer services which makes it very convenient for the clients in case of any difficulty they face in terms of procuring or using the product.

Thus buying face shields from on line suppliers not only saves your valuable time and energy but also provides value for your money. In addition to this it gives you a complete peace of mind as you are entitled to good warranty period and at times even free trial periods.

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